Sunday, 2 June 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | May 30 | DonInLondon | Step 5 "Share Your Truth"

May 30 2013: step five in mind… "Proselytising! What on earth is this? When we are in meetings of fellowship and we hear the experience, strength and hope of other people, they are sharing their truth as they see it, and hopefully they are being open, honest and willing in their outlook and in their attitudes and behaviour. When we hear somebody banging on about the big book, the twelve and twelve, that they are real alcoholics like in the big book and all you need to do is follow our path thoroughly, you might raise an eyebrow as you listen to their opinions and their beliefs…

Everybody can proselytise: sharing beliefs and opinions as absolute truth. Proselytising is about imposing our own view, whether it be religious, political, practical, any combination of belief and opinion, which has come to be your truth. Of course we don't proselytise do we? Of course we do because we want the world to be the way we believe it to be. And where is the harm in this? It starts wars, and it makes others argumentative, angry and resentful at others imposing their outlook on us. Just like I do every day, and even though I might try not to proselytise, I will, because I only know the truth I have found out so far, and you may have more truth, you may have more wisdom, and you may have more experience of life than me around many things I have yet to encounter…

Alcoholics Anonymous DonInLondon "Step Five Collection" May 30

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