Saturday, 8 June 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | June 6 | DonInLondon | Step 6 "Let Go"

June 6 2013: step six in mind… "The gift of desperation in my early days, helped me to accept that I did not know the answer to my problems, and I did not know how to live life in any meaningful way anymore. I accepted and said out loud that I could not do this any more, that being my own self destruction through addiction to alcohol. Step six: pride, ego and fear. And the desire to be someone or something based on ego and pride can be a very undermining form of motivation. Ego and pride elevates a person and is about preserving their dignity, which has no foundation. Very often it is easy to fall into thinking that we are right, and we might have found the right answer for ourselves, it does not mean it is the answer for anyone else… Humility is key to living in the moment of now and being open to learn…"

I was very gratified in my early days when people used to say: "I don't speak for AA, I speak about my recovery and speak for myself." And I was relieved when I heard that, because I was listening to a person sharing their experience strength and hope, and they did not judge or imply that their recovery was going to be the right path for me to adopt and try practice. Today, I learn what I can and cannot do, the answers as I go along and the wisdom to know the difference is often a conversation that needs to happen in the moment of now…

Alcoholics Anonymous DonInLondon "Step Six Collection" June 6

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