Thursday, 27 June 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | June 27 | DonInLondon | Step 6 "Let Go"

June 27 2013: step six in mind… "Yesterday as the song goes… my troubles were not so far away. The opportunity to become the old me, to rail against the world as being unfair and unjust. To be truthful, the world is truly neutral, an equal opportunities world where life is good, bad and ugly as it turns out. It is our reaction to adversity and challenge which is important. If we are to let go the bad and the ugly, and get back to the good, we can find the truth of now. Even when others do not wish it to be truth, and would deny the truth, we are not here to change their outlook, we are here to make the best of our own outlook. If we do not get on with people and do not like them, I have learned the courtesy of letting them get on with their lives. And I get on with my life…"

Another handyman came to my residence at the behest of my landlord. Ignoring the instructions sent with regard to rodent proofing my abode, he suggested what seemed an even better solution. And in the process, it became clear that my abode has had an open door policy to rodents for years. Hopefully, the handyman has been able to block up the rodent motorway to my kitchen cupboards, the WC and the bathroom. Notwithstanding that there are bloody great holes all over the place in the kitchen, hopefully, the main motorway for rodents has been blocked…

Alcoholics Anonymous DonInLondon "Step Six Collection" June 27 2013

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