Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | May 29 | DonInLondon | Step 5 "Share Your Truth"

May 29 2013: step five in mind… "Ego deflation!" For a few weeks, I have had to endure incompetence and stupidity, lying and then a scramble things right by my landlord. I can say without doubt that I found myself angry and resentful on a few occasions. Indeed my ego reflated on those occasions, and I felt that I was being treated unfairly. Indeed I was treated unfairly, and realised I was not the only one. We will meet practitioners of the selective truth, "lying bastards," very often in life. Most of the time I am happy to report that the serenity prayer helps me immensely in ego deflation. And yet there are occasions where our natural instincts become extreme. Pause and reflection kept me out of the darkest of intentions…

Certainly, and most of the time, courage to change, faith in doing the next right thing and the confidence to be firm and resolute keep me on track on a daily basis. And there will be times when I need back off and pull back from the brink, or my ego will spoil my day. Self-esteem builds our understanding of how to behave, and be positive in our attitudes. And when things aren't working out, I need simply remind myself with the serenity prayer of what I can do and what I cannot do today…

Alcoholics Anonymous DonInLondon "Step Five Collection" May 29

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