Friday, 10 May 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | May 10 | DonInLondon | Step 5 "Share Your Truth"

May 10 2013: step five in mind… "My name is Don and I am an alcoholic. For me this is the irrefutable truth of who I am." Now this is my truth! And I do not doubt it for one moment. "My name is Don and I am an alcoholic in recovery. And this is the truth today, I am an alcoholic in recovery." Other people will believe other things, and have their opinion, they will have their own truth which they believe. Other people may be able to describe me otherwise in different situations and they may be right, and that is the truth today…

Depending on how I am feeling: hungry, angry, lonely and or tired, H. A. L. T. There will be times when I am most emphatically different and see the truth with different feelings. Step five is all about the truth. And the truth will be affected by my emotional state and what I believe in any given moment. Today and for every day, I hope I don't forget recovery and all it means to me: that I can keep on seeing the truth of now as clearly as I can, and the truth will set me free to make good choices and good decisions today…

Alcoholics Anonymous DonInLondon "Step Five Collection" May 9

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