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December 7 | AA 12 Steps In Action

December 7 | AA 12 Steps In Action |

Sharing the message of sobriety is difficult just like “life is difficult.” Denial, frustration, anger, and the inevitable depression which most experience. We find acceptance of how to live well and stop self harm. Not only sobriety, redemption follows and new living. Just for today is good enough…

DonInLondon 2005-2010

December 7 2010 ~ to love, be loved and useful. To keep learning and live to truth, open honest and willing endeavour. Those who can do, those who cannot and will not, cling to the "rock," stuck trying to control and manipulate. The view from the rock seems to be all about judging. I prefer a level playing field living with all twelve steps today...

December 7 2010 ~ God or and good conscience, what we come to believe, I learn daily if I take time to ask how to change resentments into acceptance, fear into hope and anger into love. We learn from each other, as we can be, the pedant, the inspirer, and most often from those who speak with the language of the heart, listening today...

AA Daily Reflections ~ "TRUE AMBITION True ambition is not what we thought it was. True ambition is the deep desire to live usefully and walk humbly under the grace of God. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 124-125

During my drinking years, my one and only concern was to have my fellow man think highly of me. My ambition in everything I did was to have the power to be at the top. My inner self kept telling me something else but I couldn’t accept it. I didn’t even allow myself to realize that I wore a mask continually. Finally, when the mask came off and I cried out to the only God I could conceive, the Fellowship of A.A., my group and the Twelve Steps were there. I learned how to change resentments into acceptance, fear into hope and anger into love. I have learned also, through loving without undo expectations, through sharing my concerns and caring for my fellow man, that each day can be joyous and fruitful. I begin and end my day with thanks to God, who has so generously shed His grace on me."


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