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March 31 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 3 "Let Go" | 2012 | Alcoholics Anonymous

March 31 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 3 "Let Go" | 2012 | Alcoholics Anonymous Today's AA daily reflection: "no one denied me love…" Rock bottom, a place where nothing takes away the pain of day-to-day living. I'm thankful that tradition three, "a desire to stop drinking" opened the door to a new way of living no matter what else ailed me…

On occasion in Fellowship groups, a person will speak out and say this Fellowship is only for the type of alcoholics described in the big book. First feelings when I hear it, "horror and dismay that the person has so much prejudice, self prejudice and then a prejudice against "improper or less severe cases who have less of a problem, or more severe cases who have multi-addictions to substance and behaviour." And step one, makes it plain as do all the steps, that's none of my business…

In the AA daily reflections, the month of March is all about step three, letting go and letting good things come into our lives. Letting go the old attitudes and behaviour which kept us drinking, letting go being right about everything, letting go being wrong about everything. With the principles of open, honest and willing to change we find we can let go of something harmful today, and start something fresh which helps us develop a more healthy attitude and outlook in the moment of now…

Unconditional love… How to love without conditions, how to be loved back just as people can given their life experience and ability to develop their feelings. If a person has never learned how to love unconditionally, they cannot. I did not understand unconditional love until I began to experience it. And even now it can be so overwhelming I can break down. As a newcomer this happened to me and hurt a lot. It was part of the grieving process of letting go an old redundant life…

And although I wish it wasn't so, "pain is often a part of our spiritual progress" where our feelings are right sized for the experience we are having today. Contingent on being aware of what spiritual progress is, "the good, the bad and the ugly of life" in other words everything, having let go and made room for new living I may make some progress just for today…
DonInLondon 2005-2011

Today I understand how the higher power works in my life. And have gratitude for everyone who has a higher power in their lives as they understand. Some call their higher power God, and some simply, the higher power. I cannot define God or Nature and Providence. I have learned that "truth," "love" and "wisdom" informs me what I can and cannot do today...

Rather than self reliance on my own point of view, my own outlook and my own self interest or personal opinion, asking for help to learn and understand what universal "truth," "love" and "wisdom" is on a daily basis. I have perspective, freedom of choice based on reality, life on life's terms, interdependent and equal, included in the possible. What more do I need today?

Inclusion, choice and fellowship, we learn how to be sober, recognise how to deal with life, know it can be at extremes sometimes, then return to a more balance outlook as we deal with life in the moment. As we learn the truth, develop friendships and loving relationships and gain wisdom from experience and others, life works. Always just for today..

Can we let go? When we and those we love, do the best possible, when best feels worst. We strive to do our best, yet it can feel like the worst cut of all to another .. How do we forgive, let go, and accept what is possible? Cherish reality and people we love ..
AA Daily Reflection: NO ONE DENIED ME LOVE On the A.A. calendar it was Year Two . . . . A newcomer appeared at one of these groups . . . . He soon proved that his was a desperate case, and that above all he wanted to get well. . . . [He said], “Since I am the victim of another addiction even worse stigmatized than alcoholism, you may not want me among you.” TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, pp. 141-42
I came to you — a wife, mother, woman who had walked out on her husband, children, family. I was a drunk, a pill-head, a nothing. Yet no one denied me love, caring, a sense of belonging. Today, by God’s grace and the love of a good sponsor and a home group, I can say that –through you in Alcoholics Anonymous — I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a woman. Sober. Free of pills. Responsible. Without a Higher Power I found in the Fellowship, my life would be meaningless. I am full of gratitude to be a member of good standing in Alcoholics Anonymous.
As Bill Sees It ~ Foundation for Life... We discover that we receive guidance for our lives to just about the extent that we stop making demands upon God to give it to us on order and on our terms. In praying, we ask simply that throughout the day God place in us the best understanding of His will that we can have for the day, and that we be given the grace by which we may carry it out. There is a direct linkage among self-examination, meditation, and prayer. Taken separately, these practices can bring much relief and benefit. But when they are logically related and interwoven, the result is an unshakable foundation for life. TWELVE AND TWELVE
Step 3 "Let Go" Reading Video Link:

"Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him"

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