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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video July 7 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video July 7 2014


July 7 Video


"He needs the humility to accept that their way may be better: modesty, humbleness, meekness, lack of pride, lack of vanity, diffidence, unassertiveness." So many descriptive words to describe a state of mind. And the word unassertive does not always apply in my humble opinion!


Surrendering to the truth and sharing it, informs other people about the truth we have learned. And then we find the truth that we have surrendered to in the past and may be right now is not completely accurate, because we have filtered out the bits we don't like. And humility is accepting that our own personal outlook might be wrong, or simply ill-informed and incomplete. Emotionally and spiritually, when we say to another person, "I love you," do we have an expectation that they love us and say the same to you or me. And of course it takes a long time to understand any loving relationship through experience. And it is very difficult to differentiate between needing love, wanting love and having a clue what love might be.


We are of nature: packed full of emotions we don't even understand half the time, or even less. We're so busy thinking, we completely missed the feelings underneath, or the feelings are expressed without any pause for breath. Hungry, angry, lonely and tired are really good indicators if we are having a difficult experience. And often we put on a brave face, hide behind pleasantries, and underneath the "emotional wreckage of the past" is churning away and our thinking and cover-up prolongs the agony. And sometimes we just misread everything, and need to be open honest and willing to stop, take a breath, start again or just "get the hell out of Dodge."


12 steps or 12 principles: start of day I need to remind myself of steps 1 to 3, and at night or whenever I need to recalibrate, steps 10 to 12. And essentially still learn all 12 steps as they impact emotionally and spiritually. Because truthfully, surrendering to the truth means that the principles stay the same and I keep learning how reality improves my outlook. So often I don't know, and not knowing has never been blissful for me. Ignorance is bliss? Not bloody likely especially with step nine. Step nine is essential, and needs careful help, or we keep on wrecking the lives of others.


Surrendering to the truth, being open honest and willing. Letting go our own personal belief and opinion, seeing the big picture and having a better perspective. This is about seeing the truth through other people's eyes, it does not mean we like it or lump it. It means we find our focus is on perspective and the big picture, and not only on what we think based on just our experience. Humility to learn is an absolute essential until our last breath.


I'm still an impatient person, and same time I have learned patience, tolerance and love. The world doesn't work at one person’s pace. The world is too busy to take on the demands we inflict through pride, ego and fear. As we become more equal to living life on life's terms, life does take on new meaning because we are open to change. And very often we can be driven backwards when we feel less than, or we don't get what we want, and life appears to be unfair. When life is unfair, all I need remember is all those people no longer around who could not find how to be sober one day at a time.


Step Seven Video 12 And 12


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