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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video July 22 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video July 22 2014



July 22 Video


My mum is unwell. And my mum lives with my sister quite a long way off, and mum had to go to hospital to be observed and then medicated for rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and various other things. My sister is doing her best, and is ensuring that mum gets the right treatment as far as possible. When something like this happens, it really highlights the gaps, the lack of continuity, the shortage of staff, bad handovers, lack of information, and the general fuck up the NHS has become. All the steps are needed. And I need to respect the way my sister wants to handle matters, and she is very capable. I love my mom dearly.


Thankfully my sister was able to tell me this morning what I needed to know and what I needed to do. Which is to sit tight, and await instructions. And I'm completely compliant because Louise knows what to do. Louise my sister, told me to be prepared for any eventuality. And thank goodness I have a few years sober and the steps. A whole bunch of emotions erupt, and step one is the starting point to helping me cope.


There are distractions fortunately, the state of my abode and its impact on my neighbour through no fault of mine. I was able to share the latest news with my sister which made her laugh, and I laugh about it too because it is never-ending. Anyway with the courage and fortitude to await instruction, faith that the best is being done, I'm hoping and confident that whatever happens next, we will be able to cope together. Hopefully mum will recover, at the same time if I get to her age, I will indeed be a fortunate individual.


Another distraction on top of everything else, they are digging up the road outside, with diggers and pneumatic drills and the usual cursing from "Murphy contractors." When I asked myself how my feelings were being impacted, I didn't really need much thought. When I watch the news about aeroplane disasters, the state of Israel and Gaza, the appalling tragedies, and even the opening of an enquiry about a Russian spy shows me my emotions are on a rollercoaster. And that's okay, that is how I cope by letting the feelings happen rather than holding back tears.


Recovery is beautiful, restored to sanity we see the insanity. We know the can do and cannot do, we work with what we have and with everyone. Recovery is not about control, it is about making the best of what is and what we can do. Working with others is imperative, and corporation is based on mutual respect. Providing of course we do get mutual respect, life will flow positively. Sometimes we do hit brick walls, and we need to consider the pain involved trying to break them down rather than walk around them.



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