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Alcoholics Anonymous | March 21 2013 | Steps In Action | Step 3 "Your Higher Power"

Alcoholics Anonymous | March 21 2013 | Steps In Action | Step 3 "Your Higher Power" "it was suggested that in all respects I put sober first so the rest of life could happen." I did not like that idea, sober first? And then somebody said that for them, it was the bedrock of living life on life's terms, living reality and letting go the past and letting go the fantasies of returning back to normal like before. Recovery first, proved to be the bedrock and seeing the reality of now, means I don't fantasise about the future, I know the possibilities today and in the future more clearly, with clear steps to take on any endeavour I might choose. Freedom to be me, and make better decisions. One day at a time…

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"Can Love People And Hate Their Behaviour"

A solid foundation being developed as I trudge my emotional and spiritual journey. Trudging is not bad, it means we have energy in reserve when we need it. And we can be very flexible on the emotional and spiritual path. When our feelings fit what is going on, no matter what the feelings may be, we know what they are: good feelings, equal good thinking, good thinking leads to positive action. Bad feelings equal bad thinking probably and leads to bad actions. Ugly feelings equal ugly thinking and then ugly actions follow. Absolutely knowing my emotional state will improve how I think and behave today. We can break our thinking patterns and actions when we know our mood and also what we like and don't like today…


Sometimes when I listen to the experience, strength and hope of other people, I am very moved by their history and what they accomplish today. The fellowship helps anyone anywhere remind themselves just how tough it has been to find sobriety and live sober. No matter what your spiritual beliefs may be, and the best description I have heard was from a former Archbishop of Canterbury, when asked what is spiritual, "it is the ability to cope with what is going on in our life today." And indeed, fellowship keeps on helping me understand the reality of now, with the help of other people and I can ask for help from any source. When I need it, I can ask, and the answers may not come immediately, and I can be patient and look for help, which often comes from the least expected source on any given day…


Common sense and gumption, being practical about living and coping with reality... Often we think we know the answers based on our desires and wants. If we base all our decisions on desires and wants, we could be living and waiting in anticipation, that we might have a chance that life will be our way. And our desires and wants will be fulfilled because we think we are entitled, just because we are sober. Actually, because we are sober, it is more likely that we know more about our needs, our basic needs and then the next steps to take to ensure we have the basics. And when we have the basics in place, even though we may have desires and wants, they probably have diminished? Needs and wants two separate things and desire, it's our natural instinct at work. If we desire which is natural, and we work out the possibilities and include others, those desires may in fact become reality. There is no guarantee when we desire particular outcomes, they are subject to including other people and their agreement, rather than an expectation from us courage, faith and confidence can be very helpful, because we know the truth inside us and we are willing to be open and honest, sharing our truth. What happens next will depend on the truth of the people share back. And you never know what might happen today…


Our higher power? This is a personal way forward for any individual to work out what they consider the higher power to be. Some people believe in God, some people don't know if there is a God or not. And some people reject the idea that there may be a God at all. Step three is about letting go our selfishness, assuming power over others, when we don't have the right to impose our view of life on them. Everlasting ignorance of the possibilities of life, usually in fellowship described as, "contempt prior to investigation." When we don't hold the views of other people, better to respect their difference and diversity, rather than be prejudiced against them. My personal view of a higher power in my life is very clear, with humility, I can ask and learn from other people, and if God is described as working through people to find a universal truth, to experience love, and to learn wisdom, God is universal truth, love and wisdom today…


How am I feeling today? Spring is happening around me, the air in London has changed and there are signs of new life in nature. And then the news that the weather is turning again and snow is expected. This makes me smile, it means I have a small window of opportunity to capture the Magnolia trees blooming in the next few hours. The world is in chaos, Russia may do a deal with Cyprus and their banking system. Which might seem like a rejection of the German European common market proposals. When you have plenty of energy supplies and guns, anything is possible. And here in the UK, the promise of better times. From the Chancellor in his budget statement, which is going to take money away from me. So what do I need to do? Accept some things I cannot change, look at my basic needs and look at my extravagances so I can make choices and what to do, economically now and for the next year. And I will feel better if I get to a meeting of fellowship, share my happiness about being okay and my woes about the economy me less and less because feeling right is better than worrying or being angry about the economy. When I feel right, emotionally with family, community and in fellowship, and with the people I meet who are new to me, not much else matters as the spiritual and emotional journey continues one day at a time…Even though it might be difficult to keep on putting jam on my bread every day!


All my life, I have always tried to be fair, open, willing and honest in all my dealings. I guess I'm grateful that I was taught good manners and how to be friendly with all people from all backgrounds and respect their diversity. I've always looked for the best in people and if I am myself with them, friendly, fair, open, willing and honest, my relationships with the world work pretty well most of the time. A good attitude to people, even when they are at their worst, it is the best they can be right now. And I have always accepted that I am not everybody's cup of tea. Letting go being right about things keeps me level headed and open to the opinions and beliefs of others and respectful of their point of view even when it is completely different to mine. There will be times of conflict and I can hold my ground with a sober head and not walk away in anger or frustration. On occasions, though when people are rude and objectionable, I need to watch myself because I am human too and being rude and objectionable back, usually results in an escalation. Just because I can be rude and objectionable does not mean it is right or wrong, it is sometimes the way we are. Usually a bit of self-analysis with the help of another person makes me see things differently and gives me perspective. So I let go, whatever it was that was bothering me just for today…



Alcoholics Anonymous | March 21 2012 | Steps In Action | Step 3 "Your Higher Power"

Today's AA daily reflection: "material and spiritual well-being." Speaking for myself, spiritual well-being is the ability to cope with life as it is now, where my feelings fit reality, and I can cope with what is going on. If I can cope, my needs met then material wants are less likely to create havoc. Needs met, wanting stops getting in the way of living life in the moment…

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I know I used to be driven to distraction by trying to prove myself not to me, but to the people around me and I had some worthy qualities. I was worn down showing my worthiness through work and material gain. Toward the end of my drinking days, a one trick pony, work, work and more work. And then because there was nothing else, I was measured by my work and my material possessions. And that led to a psychotic break and a new way of living, it just took a few years to get there…

And spiritual well-being is not about being happy or sad or trying to maintain happiness. Spiritual well-being for me is when my feelings work and seem to be fitting my reality. When my feelings fit with what is going on, sometimes good, bad or indifferent, when they reflect my true situation that is as good as it gets…

Material well-being is when my needs are met, and whatever I used to think I wanted does not seem particularly important any more. I know sometimes that it is difficult to see, "less is more." Maybe when I say, "the less I have materially today, the more I appreciate good choices made to cover my needs and let go the trappings of materialism." After all when life is done, all we have to cherish is our memories…

DonInLondon 2005-2011

Brilliant meeting last night, reminded me of: the problem, all about fear, putting on a brave face and a thin veneer of ego. The solution, all about courage, faith and confidence. That we have consequences. If we ask, the steps will work today, needs met, wants forgotten...

Spiritual needs met, material wants in proportion usually in the moment as we make progress ~ Douglas Horton "Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss." Our focus and priorities become clear, we never forget our material needs, or stop striving, this is living in reality..

Henry Ward Beecher "Interest works night and day in fair weather and in foul. It gnaws at a man's substance with invisible teeth."

Living life, open honest and willing, keeps it simple for complicated humans ~ Henry David Thoreau "A man is rich in proportion to the things he can afford to let alone." -/- Rich in sobriety one day long, we let go and let good be our guide..

Gottfried Reinhardt "Money is good for bribing yourself through the inconveniences of life."


AA Daily Reflection: MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING Fear… of economic insecurity will leave us. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 84

Having fear reduced or eliminated and having economic circumstances improve, are two different things. When I was new in A.A., I had those two ideas confused. I thought fear would leave me only when I started making money. However, another line from the Big Book jumped off the page one day when I was chewing on my financial difficulties: “For us, material well-being always followed spiritual progress; it never preceded.”(p. 127). I suddenly understood that this promise was a guarantee. I saw that it put priorities in the correct order, that spiritual progress would diminish that terrible fear of being destitute, just as it diminished many other fears. Today I try to use the talents God gave me to benefit others. I’ve found that is what others valued all along. I try to remember that I no longer work for myself. I only get the use of the wealth God created, I never have “owned” it. My life’s purpose is much clearer when I just work to help, not to possess.

As Bill Sees It ~ Pain and Progress "Years ago I used to commiserate with all people who suffered. Now I commiserate only with those who suffer in ignorance, who do not understand the purpose and ultimate utility of pain." Someone once remarked that pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress. How heartily we A.A.'s can agree with him, for we know that the pains of alcoholism had to come before sobriety, and emotional turmoil before serenity.


Just For Today, and every day cherish always...


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