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April 5 2012 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 4 "Inventory" | Alcoholics Anonymous

April 5 2012 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 4 "Inventory" | Alcoholics Anonymous Today's AA daily reflection: "true brotherhood… Or maybe equality in Fellowship." Learning how to be or become a person amongst persons, a friend amongst friends…

The twelve steps, a daily practice and they work contingent on the day I ask in meditation, prayer and good conscience. The twelve traditions, become a way of life and work contingent on the day I ask in meditation, prayer and good conscience. A way to live a good life, new and exciting, rarely old and boring, sometimes completely understandable and sometimes a complete nightmare and sometimes light and dark and every hue in between…

In unity service and recovery we are but trusted servants, and as trusted servants we do what we can in whatever capacity may be required within the Fellowship. And the same applies in daily life, working to whatever capacity we have, exploring what we can and cannot do on a daily basis. As we treat ourselves with love and respect, we become able am very willing to trust in sharing love and respect for everyone we encounter no matter what the status another may assume…

All we need do in recovery is to assume an attitude and outlook of equality, treat people as we learn to treat ourselves in an open honest and willing way. As we let go judgement of others, trudging the road of destiny can be a far happier experience. In whatever endeavour we have in life, we find a path and continually learn, building experience strength and hope and wisdom of a new way of living in harmony within fellowship and society, it takes time for us to trust ourselves and others to trust us…

In all walks of life we will encounter all types of prejudice, the whole of society is riddled with judgements and harsh criticism. And when we are judged harshly and criticised, we need not make it worse by joining in adding self prejudice and continuing to be prejudiced against others. A bully makes another bully, a hurt person will turn to hurting others, dog eat dog, less likely with twelve steps and twelve traditions influencing me in my attitudes and behaviour just for today…

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A fellow amongst fellows, to be ourselves and equal in our esteem of ourselves and others ~ Virginia Woolf "One of the signs of maturity is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them"-/- We all have experience, strength and hope; wisdom to share as we may..

In family and or fellowship, in community and society, whether we are leading or following, solitary or in company, what matters is, sober we can be included as opportunity offers, make choices and know more about who we are today. To love, be loved and useful not as we imagine, simply as we are..
AA Daily Reflection: TRUE BROTHERHOOD We have not once sought to be one in a family, to be a friend among friends, to be a worker among workers, to be a useful member of society. Always we tried to struggle to the top of the heap, or to hide underneath it. This self-centered behavior blocked a partnership relation with any one of those about us. Of true brotherhood we had small comprehension. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 53

This message contained in Step Four was the first one I heard loud and clear; I hadn’t seen myself in print before! Prior to my coming into A.A., I knew of no place that could teach me how to become a person among persons. From my very first meeting, I saw people doing just that and I wanted what they had. One of the reasons that I’m a happy, sober alcoholic today is that I’m learning this most important lesson.

As Bill Sees It ~ Membership Rules? Around 1943 or 1944, the Central Office asked the groups to list their membership rules and send them in. After they arrived we set them all down. A little reflection upon these many rules brought us to an astonishing conclusion. If all of these edicts had been in force everywhere at once it would have been practically impossible for any alcoholic to have ever joined A.A. About nine-tenths of our oldest and best members could never have got by! At last experience taught us that to make away any alcoholic's full chance for sobriety in A.A. was sometimes to pronounce his death sentence, and often to condemn him to endless misery. Who dared to be judge, jury, and executioner of his own sick brother? 1. GRAPEVINE, AUGUST 1946 2. TWELVE AND TWELVE, P. 141

Step 4 "Fearless Inventory" Reading Video Link:

"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves"

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