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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video | June 27 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video | June 27 2014


June 27 Video


Dear defects of character, namely, pride, ego and fear! Where are you? My landlord rewired my abode, workers in and out surveying, more work to be done, caused by damage, the flooring of the wet room to be replaced next week. How am I feeling? Every day. I practice meditation around step one, powerless over people places and things, step two, insanity, available any day with the invasion and intrusion. Step three, let go and accept the disruption. And so far I feel good and respectful of those working on behalf of the landlord.


When people have to intrude to work and I have to stay put and be with them, it can bring up all sorts of issues. What they might think of me? No, this didn't happen. I didn't feel any judgement, even if there was any it didn't matter. I am what I am.


Chatting to people whilst they work, becomes very illuminating about how jobs get done in quite big organisations. Somebody tenders a contract, they get the job and then it is subcontracted out to self-employed individuals. And when it comes to accountability, it may seem like those who have contracted are accountable, but they are not because of the way matters are arranged. And governance, compliance and meeting legal requirements are not tested. I just hope the fuse box works, and the repair to the floor works. There is no comeback or accountability in all these activities.


So how am I feeling about that? Let it go. And if nothing blows up all will be well, and if nothing leaks, all will be well, and if my window winder is fixed, I can shut the window. And if my gas boiler is recharged, it won't break down. And if the special liquid is applied to the radiators, they won't leak. I feel okay even though it could be a completely different story if I had indulged in all of step six and not let anything go.


Every night: step 10 to check my personal inventory, gratitude for what has been accomplished so far. I was able to accept everything that has happened, the noise, the incessant drilling and rewiring. I even managed to get new tyres and brakes on the bike, so it is roadworthy once again. I have gratitude that step seven, kept me sane: improving on my shortcomings. Every day, courage to change, faith in doing the next right thing and being confident enough to speak up, and continue to speak up when the need arises, and it is pertinent to do so.


I feel happy, that there is some justice in the world of football, if I look at the news, there was so much going wrong, insanity is only an arm's length away. It is a mad, mad world. Thank God for Fellowship and truth.


Step Six Video 12 And 12

Step Six Video 12 And 12


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