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October 28 2012 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 10 The Now Inventory Alcoholics Anonymous

October 28 2012 | AA 12 Steps In Action | Step 10 The Now Inventory Alcoholics Anonymous Today's Daily Reflections: "Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the AA name ought never be drawn into public controversy…" Most definitely the AA fellowship is all about sobriety, emotional and spiritual well-being on a daily basis. Every single person in AA, still has every right to their own opinions, beliefs and outlooks as they choose. Unity, service and recovery, always ensures there is no controversy about the fellowship's primary purpose...

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Freedom To Be You

Total freedom to find our own path in sobriety! Sober comes first so we may develop our outlooks as individuals, need not be concerned about other people's opinions and beliefs outside fellowship. And we are trusted servants, if we have service positions, and we also are trusted servants when we turn up to groups and meetings. We are all involved in unity, service and recovery. Being present in a meeting, we listen, and we share our experience, strength and hope living life and improving our emotional and spiritual abilities: to know how we feel in the moment and cope with life on life's terms…

I was very lucky yesterday to attend a meeting at the "spiritual hut" and being the last Saturday of the month we always focus on the tradition. October is all about tradition ten. And hearing another person explain their understanding of the tradition always helps me to understand I am allowed to be myself to have my own opinions about everything. And at the same time know that fellowship is for sobriety, and that the primary purpose being to stay sober and help other alcoholics keeps the fellowship focused clearly on the first element of new life for anyone in recovery. Sober first, and the rest will follow, emotionally and spiritually?

Our emotional and spiritual development is contingent on daily learning. I need humility every day, and never to assume I know all the answers, or I fall into the old trap of thinking I know best. An emotional and spiritual programme, which is about feelings and coping in the moment means we focus on our mood and how our emotions and mood impacts on our thinking and then our actions. We are full of old thinking and old thinking often drives away our sense of emotional and spiritual connection to the moment of now. Sometimes I feel it is difficult to explain, that I need to know my mood because my mood impacts on everything else. Often I hear people say they can think their way into the feelings without regard to the feelings they have already and what to do about them…

One of the interesting elements in another meeting yesterday was simply "stop thinking and try work out what your feelings are first!" This is not a revolutionary idea, only in the thinking world where people think they know better than others, usually causes a lot of friction and unrest. If only we could deal with our feelings first! And especially in this modern society where everyone seems to have expectations, those who govern, those who are governed and mostly everyone expecting more than there is every single day. Expectations continue and always will be resentments under construction. Ambition, based on understanding the possibilities and the next steps is realistic, when a person can see a path to their goal…

A cautionary tale about others judging you. The most recent Nobel prizewinner who is a scientist and biological pioneer in genetics was told in his school reports that he had absolutely no potential in his chosen field of endeavour in later life. Often those who measure potential are limited by their own personal capacities. And recently higher standards imposed for those who would be teachers will eliminate potential rather than realise it. The more we standardise our outlook and our regard to the potential of other people, the more we box them and exclude them. Some people realise their potential early and can tick all the boxes. Some people realise their potential in spite of all the tick boxes that please those who would judge the impossible. You cannot judge raw potential. But you can ruin lives with judgemental tick box tools for the benefit of some bureaucrat or political arse with a bee in their bonnet and too much power wielded over many who will sit resentfully for many a year…

DonInLondon 2005-2011

In fellowship “my beliefs are what make me human; I am free to hold any opinion,” and the same applies for everyone. We do not impose our beliefs on our fellows, indeed it would be folly and cause some to get drunk all over again. At the same time, AA has one primary purpose, for us to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety…

I woke up sober today. I needed to remind myself of this simple fact which has been occurring for some time. The world may be “Going to hell in a hand basket,” and still I can cope with reality and have enough porridge in the cupboard to feed this bear today…

We do not have to please people today. We do not have to control people today; all we need is truth, love and wisdom. Truth comes from listening and understanding, love is what we learn to receive and give. And wisdom comes from the universe as we understand it today. Does god work in mysterious ways? I feel and think not just for today…

DonInLondon 2005-2010

October 28 2010 ~ Drunk or sober we are still having a spiritual experience. And some support the notion of heightened spiritual connections under the influence of drink or drugs. My experience is simple, I have a more informed spiritual experience sober, more likely to remember the experience and learn from them one day at a time...

October 28 2010 ~ sober first, and real life happens. We can be dismayed daily or joyous daily as life offers. When I stopped drinking, life felt like hell, then got easier and easier to deal with on a daily basis. These days when all hell breaks loose, I don't and can cope, find help and support, get back to balance whatever that is today...


AA Daily Reflections ~ "AN UNBROKEN TRADITION We conceive the survival and spread of Alcoholics Anonymous to be something of far greater importance than the weight we could collectively throw back of any other cause. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 177

How much it means to me that an unbroken tradition of more than half a century is a thread that connects me to Bill W. and Dr Bob. How much more grounded I feel to be in a Fellowship whose aims are constant and unflagging. I am grateful that the energies of A.A. have never been scattered, but focused instead on our members and on individual sobriety. My beliefs are what make me human; I am free to hold any opinion, but A.A.’s purpose - so clearly stated fifty years ago - is for me to keep sober. That purpose has promoted round-the-clock meeting schedules, and the thousands of inter-group and central service offices, with their thousands of volunteers. Like the sun focused through a magnifying glass, A.A.’s single vision has lit a fire of faith in sobriety in millions of hearts, including mine."


October 28 2007

DonInLondon - 'Day In The Life' Magic in the Moment

A Kind Of Blue - Celebrations of Life

Miles Davies, A Kind of Blue. I have heard this music many times in recent months. A favourite of my Sister's partner, who died. We come to appreciate as we listen and hear the greatness of connection. And I for one am glad to hear even in the sadness of recollections. We need remember, we need not forget cherished times and memories.

For me to wake up and hear a great response which inspires me to get along and be joyous is indeed what life is all about. Moments in time. Not always joined up for there is not timeless perfection. Perfect comes in a moment and then is lost until recalled. There is not perfect place or ending.

Imperfect Perfect is a key. Perfectly felt and absorbed, then timeless just to our memory. How cherished are those moments? As the heart feels and loves is our measure.

Last Few Days

It feels like the last few days I feel lighter and more myself. I am hard pressed when pressed into endeavours best for others and their path, not mine.

Being asked to do, and doing. Well it may seem right in the moment as we please others, then realise the burden it makes for us. What is my burden is the elixir which can keep another joyous and free.

People Places and Things

We need keep on learning, offer and be a part of anything. In my fellowship of AA I am best to serve, sharing experience strength and hope as it is asked. Doing the best of some service others might find less appealing, like greeting, like setting up the literature stall, chairing now and then as time offers. And of course just being there for others.


It’s still early, although our clocks and daylight time has changed. we have had an extra hour asleep if we needed it. I slept well for the first time in months, with peace and with a quiet mind...

We do our best, we do the next right thing, we make of our moments as they are shaped by time itself. And learn as we go, imperfectly perfect always.


A veritable feast of family. I saw all my nearest and dearest except for my mother, that to me remedied by a family lunch for us who live in London.

Seeing my brother, his wife and my nephews was a rare treat. We dined out Friday. Now that has been a rare moment for me. I love lunches and dinners out, I go when asked in the right moments these days.


If only we all had more time to heed words from giants in our history. Yet we need understand them when we have experience of life to understand their meaning. That is the key for me today.

Ghandi said 'God is Truth' and whenever I feel awkward as God is mentioned, I need remind myself what works for me is Truth and my feelings restored to sanity. Well nearly!

Denial - Not just a River

Not just an old joke in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous [Aka: AA]. Denial is that process to help us understand and make small chunks of big things we cannot believe or digest in one go.

I heard and listened to another share their experience strength and hope, all about denial really. And the truth we get as we face truth and consequences. Worth every moment to hear and make a life worth living again!

28th October 2006 [all about last year]

[from XXXXX] Hi Don,

Thanks for your kind words. I guess that in my recovery it’s a case of never say never. I am a great listener, less of a talker. And AA is on my mind for this evening. My group etc. is brilliant, but sometimes I feel I need to grow a bit more. So maybe AA is the right place to start. A safe, similar, but larger meeting. New faces, fresh outlooks.

Well today I'm back on an even keel! In a way a bit stronger. All thoughts that the bottle incident bought up, worked out and back in the right place. And two teenagers to keep me company today, and busy but in a nice way

I hope you have a good day today. Not to achy and maybe even dry And thanks again for your kind words. It's comforting to know that there are kind and caring people like you around.

Take care, XXXXX xx

[from me Don] Thanks XXXXX,

it is a two way street always we find in the end. And the good is we retain the good, and the things which bother us can be changed.

Some people feel they will never change. No one ever asks them to, for life, maybe just a day is a good starting point.

With two teenagers around I suspect its loud and chatty, so that's a good feeling. And out tonight, smiles I am back from Bedlam, will write now for tomorrow as this site is closing for the night.

Also time for a change of direction soon methinks. Change is good. Till later, Don xx

[from me Don later same day] I XXXXX,

Hope you evening was good and illuminating. It’s never predictable, and its always an adventure as we hear others words and outlook. Maybe it helps, sometimes and often others words make us more secure in our own view of life and journey and endorse our endeavours as we are enlightened to others take on this world.


Dark nights and autumnal feel, makes part of me enjoy the sunnier days and longer nights.. It’s this time of year which reminds me of the past years, coming home and having time to share moments with a partner, as the colder nights draw us all together and seek solace in company.

Seasonal Blues about tonight in many, and my day was one of much needed rest. Something not quite in balance in my chemistry. Exercise and other emotional matters have left me pretty tired. This morning, a number of calls from friends in various stages of recovering from this and that, from cancer to mending hearts. And where is mine? Quite repaired in some respects. I own my feelings this day.

Cold Play - Yellow

“Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

And all the things that you do ”

Something about the lyrics and sentiments of cold play, well they play on my memories still sharp at this distance in time. Of mellow times and heartbreaks yet to come in those yesterdays of mine.

And forgiveness wells inside for times and happenings beyond my control. I accept powerless over so many elements in this universe, and accept my feelings are the way they are. And will change again. To be in tempo with all elemental forces, and flow as we are able, less wilful, and with spirit of the moment.

Spirit of the Time - Zeitgeist

I am peaceful and find harmony. I find conflict and let it go its way. And even as honesty plays and denials calm down, there will always be that edge to living. And time is marching on.

Wherever I am it seems that many are connected to me and me to them. As time travels so do we and meet new people as we go. Tonight feels like some are drifting far away, and lost to new adventures, and my adventures turn another way. The deep of life has always been a fascination and study for yours truly.

Tonight’s meeting

Was good for me, I had little zest in me before going and achieved a kind of peaceful understanding yet again, that people really do fix themselves. With support and inclusion in a bigger world than just ourselves and of course a bit of love.

A friend said they really loved me earlier today. And was meant as friend to friend. She is indeed a friend and this is truly meant. Although I wonder what more I could do to help her and to aid her recovery from major changes and medical conditions. They wished for no more help for now, saying that I had done more than enough.

The madness we have which suggest we can sort out all our problems on our own, and there may be some force of nature which works against us, as if there is…

The only force of nature which works for or against us is ourselves and how we flow with all elements of life. And it seems where we are led towards belief we have any power over anything, we are really missing the point of what we have open to us. A world beyond imagination, and still out there for us to join, as we learn how. With whatever life throws our way.

Dark Day Blues

Are coming on strong for many. It is seasonal without doubt. And the undertones are there in me, yet not as strong as in past years. Work in progress, I understand now, just for today.

Swimming and Stuff

Getting about on the bike, weather permitting as well as my ailments, and swimming will do good. And as walking is a real living pain, it is good to compensate and go with what can be done, as much of life can focus the other way. And other matters are more positive as this head of mine is making good progress, where, I ask? It matters not, the journey is worth doing and involved as nature makes it so.

The ever present danger of engaging will over powerless times makes me smile when wishes fill my mind’s eye and feel tempted to adventures not for me to take at this moment. Balance errs me on the side of good sense, conscience and awareness of my condition. And yet dreams are still to be dreamed and so it goes..

Reflective moments

It feels right a turning point and ending for these posts. They take time as well as much energy, which needs to be diverted elsewhere to other endeavours. And being more out in the world with people and living. And making careful course directions towards other interests outside recovery.

I will devote as much time as before to all those things which keep me on a path of balance and new discoveries. I hear of new therapeutic ways forward, something called “acceptance therapy.” the best acceptance therapy I realise is living life as we can as full and complete as can be, and understanding ourselves as we go. I have no capacity for this new name for something as old as mankind, life itself..

And as for life, there is always another path to tread with care. And a firmament and stars to gaze upon, and a world of adventure, just a day long ready to be experienced again, with greater clarity and wonder at the mysteries unfolding gently as they may, or with great energy bursting in as eyes are startled yet again. Times and outlooks change.

We will all see as time permits and minds are open to all living.

This Morning

Its been a bad night actually, have been quite unwell and nauseous, as blood sugars have gone very high and balance is out between diet exercise and insulin injections. So another lesson learning as I go on how to get the balance right with more doing. Blinking unpleasant reminder of the conditions I have. But manageable with care and I must not overreact or will yo yo, and make me very unwell. Patience is the key today. Flip and acceptance will come back to where it will. Just have time to adjust my outlook... Life who said its easy, not me!

Just For Today And Every Day, Cherish Always...



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Step 10 "Although all inventories are alike in principle, the time factor does distinguish one from another. There's the spot-check inventory, taken at any time of the day, whenever we find ourselves getting tangled up. There's the one we take at day's end, when we review the happenings of the hours just past. Here we cast up a balance sheet, crediting ourselves with things well done, and chalking up debits where due. Then there are those occasions when alone, or in the company of our sponsor or spiritual adviser, we make a careful review of our progress since the last time. Many A.A.'s go in for annual or semi-annual house-cleanings. Many of us also like the experience of an occasional retreat from the outside world where we can quiet down for an undisturbed day or so of self-overhaul and meditation.”

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I do not speak for Alcoholics Anonymous I speak for myself. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of unique and authentic people who speak for themselves where they will to share experience, strength and hope about recovery on a daily basis. Anonymity affords sanctuary to find how to live sober and be open, honest and willing to learn life day by day. For me "truth," "love" and "wisdom" offer the best spiritual experience by living reality today. Into the fabric of recovery from alcoholism are woven the Twelve Steps and the Traditions: steps to be open, honest and willing to learn, traditions to live unity, service and recovery.


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