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Alcoholics Anonymous Sept 29 DonInLondon Step 9 " Amends Into Action"

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog/Video Sept 29 DonInLondon Step 9 " Amends Into Action"

Step 9 " Amends Into Action"


September 29, 2013: "building relationships and being inclusive in our living is critical for everyone on the planet." And after a week of frustrating medical tests, inclusivity can be very difficult when the people are suspicious of what we may be doing. From Monday to Friday, trying to be inclusive was made more difficult by inherent prejudices about people in recovery and people with mental health conditions. And of course, recovery is a mental health issue for anyone trudging the road of happy destiny.


What first started as an investigation into my general health, problems with prescriptions, a timely review of medications for type I diabetes, and the impact of a change in supplier of one generic medication, was undermined by the activities and attitudes and behaviour of other people. The automatic process of repeat prescriptions meant some medications were ready for me at the local pharmacy and I was unaware that this had happened. The impact on the GP practice led them to believe I might be trying to get additional quantities of my medications. And I only realised at the end of this frustrating week, that people in the practice were suspicious. Only when I produced repeat prescriptions I had kept to talk about with the doctor, did he realise that both of us were in the dark about our intentions.


The doctor was trying to understand why I had only a couple of days of medication available, as he thought I had had a complete repeat prescription the week before. Whilst we were discussing the shortage, he asked me why I was asking the medication which had been prescribed the week before. And I was astonished of course, because the chemist said he would wait for me to sort things out. In between complaining to the chemist and the medical practice, my usual prescription list had been reordered without me knowing. Once we understood that neither of us had been up-to-date in the activities of other people, the medical review went much more smoothly. I also had an ECG Friday lunchtime. Although I don't know the exact nature of the results, it seems that nothing startling or nothing to worry about in particular is going on.


I still have two results to come back and the results should be ready by next Thursday morning. In some ways one of these results or both could have quite an impact on me, so I have to wait and see. I feel much better having had all these tests; my diabetic condition is improving over time. Blood sugars better, cholesterol better, and all the blood works seem to be okay. I did find it difficult to produce a stool specimen which would fit into the small receptacle provided, and in the end, after much personal hilarity at home, I managed this particular sample. Even though this is necessary, it could be embarrassing and it can cause hysteria in the process of collection, and then delivering the sample to the hospital.


Being of a certain age, the usual problems that some of us get with digestive issues, a rectal examination was required. I am not a fan of rectal examinations per se, that's me not particularly enjoying the experience. Especially when the sensation I imagine to be similar to sticking a large toilet brush up one's back passage with very stiff bristles and then turn it round several times. Or being examined by someone using an exfoliating glove with coal tar soap. Although the sensation lasted only a few seconds, it is unforgettable. And apparently it might be a good idea to have a camera have a good look and rummage sometime in the future which is yet to be determined.


Using the can-do cannot do philosophy in the serenity prayer; it is very useful because I cannot overcome the prejudice of other people, who assume that anyone in recovery or with a mental health condition is trying to acquire additional medication for the sake of it or simply to find their way into another oblivious state. Of course there needs to be caution, and that applies both ways, to medical people and those taking the medication. And when you do not see the same doctor ever in the same practice, the doctors do not always take account of the individual; they make assumptions based on evidence or worse, hearsay and attitudes that prevail through ignorance about individual patients. General assumptions are very bad medical practice. And this prevails.


Although it's been frustrating, I feel much better knowing that some things are okay, type I diabetes with improving results, blood work good, no anaemia and no thyroid problems. My blood pressure in my left arm is quite alarmingly low, and then when they took my blood pressure in my right arm, it was alarmingly normal. So I am quite interested in what the ECG will show me when interpreted by an expert doctor, and what the stool sample result will be. This is part of recovery!


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