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Alcoholics Anonymous Sept. 10 DonInLondon Step 9 " Amends Into Action"

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog/Video September 10 DonInLondon Step 9 " Amends Into Action"

Step 9 " Amends Into Action"


September 10, 2013: "when we are headed for a confrontation, what on earth are we going to do?" There is always the rush to being right, forming a judgement based on our truth and then setting a course of action. As individuals we do this, as Families and communities and societies, we still tend to rush and think we are right, form a judgement based on our own truth and then set out on a course of action. And if we pause long enough, is that course of action a repetition of old ways and old attitudes and old behaviour, or are we on the brink of doing something new?


Sometimes a lot of things seem to happen all once. As an individual, I haven't been feeling on top form, and I suspect it is the result in a change of medication, one brand to another. As a country, in the UK there is a general feeling of disquiet about gunboat diplomacy and old attitude of imperialism creeping into democratic processes all over again. Syria is a nightmare, and it behoves no one outside to think they know the answer to their problems today or any day. And the truth of the dilemma which Syria presents to the world, without doubt an ongoing horrific tragedy, historical and fanatical, divisive and littered with hate and devastation. Hurt people, hurt other people and the cycle grows with alarming consequences when the hurt keep on hurting each other. And over the last few days, when I would normally try to write something positive, I have found no personal inspiration or solution.


And then yesterday, the acknowledgement of a red line being crossed, the acknowledgement that some weapons exist, and that the world has no interest in war, and that the heavy lifting cannot be done without the will of the people wherever they are. There is the United Nations, there are responsibilities and accountability acknowledging particular roles in trying to keep peace between nations, and trying to stop war crimes, crimes against humanity and fundamental principles all nations may aspire to hold. Indeed know one will benefit from the suppression of people, or war based on discrimination, prejudice and loss of freedom.


When nations have a seat and influence within certain worldwide arenas including United Nations, it behoves each person or country that takes that seat of influence to take responsibility for what they do and what they say. We now live in a world where transparency makes clear the role of particular people, in particular places doing particular things. And if a nation sits with influence and does not accept accountability, take responsibility for what they let happen as a result of their actions or inactions, the world will judge each based on the truth and not a particular political doctrine. The role of ideology, economic advantage, and protecting the rights of one nation over another, the rights of one tribe over another, the rights of one family over another cannot be sustained.


As has often been said, "truth is a first casualty of war." And in politics, truth is often the casualty of the inept, ideological protagonists of one theory over another. People with the capacity to hate, keep on hating. People with the capacity to free the choices of each and every human will find an answer. Give a person a gun, and the gun will be fired. Give a person an opportunity to talk, they start talking. Living in a country which prides itself on democracy, defending freedom and liberty, it cannot work alone. And just because we have a more mature democracy, the maturity of the players currently can be questioned. Each generation builds upon its past, incrementally or in revolution. The technological revolution exposes the weakness where freedom is lost and the players are exposed in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.


And in this world, where one nation stands resolute, says no to capitulation, and yet cannot persuade the nation that military options need be taken is a really good sign of maturity. It is not a weakness to stand back from a precipice, when other equally influential citizens of the world have not engaged, have not been heard and have not had chance to be accountable or responsible to the true measure of their influence on grave matters and crimes against humanity. At the same time, an expectation that other people will resolve issues and stop crimes against humanity, for example the atrocity and horror that Syria has become brings the world closer to the precipice, or an argument based on facts and truth which can lead to many other outcomes for peace in the world.


I'm too far away, too far from the truth to know what need happen next. A situation so big, the players so intertwined, standing on a precipice without the truth is a leap into the darkest of times. It is no wonder I have not been able to write anything for a few days, having been immersed in a barrage of information, misinformation, ideological turpitude's being spouted in all directions and little foundation in truth to be found. If I don't know the answer as an individual, the same applies at the level of nations across the globe. Old alliances, and old attitudes and behaviour do not lend themselves to expressing the truth, finding the truth and living to the truth of what is real. No wonder democratic nations, and all nations are suffering and unable to decide what next. And still, hurt people are hurting each other. That is the truth.


This new revolution of truth, where nations do not control it, "a national truth" is exposed as ideology and self interest. And the truth changes moment by moment. There can be timeless principles and ideals about how we live life, and there is a personal revolution possible one day at a time. There is no end to the human condition developing one way or another, it has always been a personal journey interrupted and interfered with by doctrine and self interest. Where is the common good?


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