Friday, 12 July 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous | July 12 | DonInLondon | Step 7 "Courage To Change"

What is the point of sharing experience strength and hope? We see the similarities and differences, the similarities and what another person has done and the differences and diversity which need to be respected as right for another person and not necessarily right for us as individuals. If I had been able to get to more meetings, I do believe I would have fared better, however I was unable. And without my computer working, life can be more difficult because isolation is not good for prolonged periods for anyone.

Hungry angry lonely or tired, HALT? It is so easy as a reminder which I heard in my early days to forget this simplicity. If we are feeling off colour, likely our attitudes and behaviour become off colour as well. And there is nothing like company to resolve most of what ails an individual on a daily basis. Isolation and loneliness, for whatever reason is depressing. Anger and resentment when we are alone, it simply goes round and round in our heads if we are not able to see something positive. Anyone who is tired and has a mindful of unhelpful thoughts can suffer from insomnia. And even if we cannot put our finger on what exactly is wrong with us, getting into the company of like-minded individuals with similarities and differences will provide perspective and eventually lead back to a place of balance. Sometimes it will take more than a day to regain our senses, indeed some senses and perspective takes years. Providing we let go and ask for help, we can change, we can move on and we learn to cherish the good of our life on a daily basis. Another day above ground is all we need in some cases…

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