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November 28 | AA 12 Steps In Action |

November 28 | AA 12 Steps In Action |

A newcomer says

in a meeting “there is nothing wrong with the twelve step process, but there is something wrong with you lot, this is my last meeting and you lot talk fucking bollocks.” He may be right, as we work out what to do with our bollocks one day at a time.

We chatted after the meeting and he was convinced he would take care of his own bollocks. I hope he can, and if not the door is always open, after all its just for a day…

I work with attraction not promotion today. As I have come to

understand, attraction is “what you see is what you get.” And promotion is more of a fixing nature, a guarantee of success. I am attracted to the good, the bad and the ugly as we share experience strength and hope. And we redeem ourselves

in what we do daily. Our consequences are what they are. How we live sober improves our outlook today…

I am attracted to these spiritual principles to live life "real" ~ "Forgiveness" "Acceptance" "Surrender" "Faith" "Open-

mindedness" "Honesty" "Willingness" "Inventory" "Amends" "Humility" "Persistence" "Spiritual-Living" "Service"

DonInLondon 2005-2010

November 28 2010: attraction not promotion. Is it better to be open and honest,

with "what you see in fellowship is what you get in fellowship?" I for one found it difficult, not perfect ever, it took several attempts before sober stuck. Rarely have we seen a person fail once we understand how to be sober one day at a time...

November 28 2010: warts and all! Promotion by personality can lead back to illusions of power rather than powerlessness over people places and things. We lean on the many for support, not individuals or they fall trying to save us.

Unity and strength in fellowship, love the foundation of all we do for each other...


AA Daily Reflections ~ "ATTRACTION, NOT PROMOTION" Through many painful experiences, we think we have arrived at what that policy

ought to be. It is the opposite in many ways of usual promotional practice. We found that we had to rely upon the principle of attraction rather than promotion. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, pp. 180-81

While I was

drinking I reacted with anger, self-pity and defiance against anyone who wanted to change me. All I wanted then was to be accepted by another human simply as I was and, curiously, that is what I found in A.A. I became the custodian of this

concept of attraction, which is the principle of our Fellowship’s public relations. It is by attraction that I can best reach the alcoholic who still suffers. I thank God for having given me the attraction of a well-planned and established program of

Steps and Traditions. Through humility and the support of my fellow sober members, I have been able to practice the A.A. way of life through attraction, not promotion."


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