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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog November 27 2014 "Truth Love Wisdom”

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog November 27 2014 "Truth Love Wisdom”


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Prayer and meditation: prayer, it's not about me! Prayer to look outwards and hope for the world, family, friends and community, society; as long as it's not about me! A gentle reminder in my head or said out loud to the God of my understanding, step one and powerless to be free of addiction and unmanageability by admitting and accepting my current situation. Step two, insanity is always available and step three, let go and surrender to the truth, love and wisdom in the moment of now. Meditation; deciding on the can do and cannot do today and if I am in doubt or just need clarification, ask for help.


Listening to a step eight Reading this morning, making a list of amends and being willing to make them always evokes memories. Memories of people in my life, memories of places and memories of things done. And listening to fellows describing the process of writing the list and then learning how to be willing to make amends before actually beginning the process into step nine. Every time I hear experience strength and hope shared, it seems there will always be amends to make, memories come back.


Every step is a solid opportunity for evolution on this emotional and spiritual path. Sometimes we feel we may have found the solution, and then life keeps on happening and new solutions evolve as life evolves. Emotional: truly experiencing feelings. Spiritual: living in the moment and coping with reality. Even now after years in recovery, sometimes I find myself reliving events which challenge me and my outlook. Sometimes, pride, ego and fear can linger a while when we are confronted with reality we don't like. Usually when someone has a go at us and our point of view. I can take a day or two, to accept I am certainly not everyone's cup of tea.


If we get a feeling of rejection, some say this is the universe protecting us from others. Or it can be as simple as not taking account of how another person is and their outlook, what is going on in their life and realising we have nothing to offer them. Even friendship can be rejected because we are simply the wrong person to befriend. Let go and accept that other people need their own personal space and own personal outlook to proceed happily in their own lives. In other words, judge not.


It was a good morning, and I'm grateful for these early morning meetings. And the more I connect, the more interconnected life becomes. Caring about other people, it is always difficult as life is difficult. And each person contributes the best they can and I admire all living in recovery one day at a time. And equally I admire anyone anywhere reaching out for help, I hope they find a hand in Fellowship to help as best they can. And it does not need to be me!


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