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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog November 13 2014 "Truth Love Wisdom”

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog November 13 2014 "Truth Love Wisdom”


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Who gets hurt most when we become alcoholics and or addicts? And for the addict and alcoholic, who do we blame for our predicament? Two big issues out of many that we face in recovery. Fortunately we have the twelve step programs and fellowships to help.


To admit and accept our predicament, the more we admit and accept on a daily basis, the more likely we come back to sobriety. More often than we might go out for some more research and self-harm because we become resentful about our condition and find ourselves in a state of rage which blocks any chance of listening to that inner voice which suggests going to a meeting. Addiction, our disease of denial can strike anyone anywhere, even when we are happy and sober, a careless whim can undo any person no matter how many years we have trodden a sober emotional and spiritual path.


Emotional and spiritual living, utilising the twelve steps to deal with the experience of life and cope with it in the moment. The wisdom comes in every moment of now, we can become more skilled dealing with life in the moment and coping with it. As long as we can remind ourselves on a daily basis, the basics of all the steps we are in with a good opportunity to keep on learning the wisdom to know the difference between what we can do and what we cannot do. And yet we might judge that we know better! And very often we do?


Even if we do know better, bringing everyone up to speed who is involved can be torture, simply because what we thought we knew was better is not agreeable to others. And this is the problem very often in recovery, we get a sense of knowing the answers and trying to come up with the answers before we have consulted the rest of the world. The loneliness of righteousness will not help any human being live a more complete emotional and spiritual existence. Simply we do not know the answers to situations until we are in the moment of now and being inclusive in our outlook with other people. Just because you judge it right, does not mean others will judge it like you do.


I am really grateful for the meetings on my doorstep. Or rather I'm simply grateful that there are so many meetings and so many people with different outlooks to me. Every single meeting challenges my outlook, because I get to a meeting for judgement about my situation and what to do, and then I find myself like everybody else, in the moment of now and wondering how to cope with what next. Everyone seems to do better if they are not judging situations before they happen, and remain open to the opinion and judgement of other people involved in their lives. And this can be very frustrating when we have all the right answers! Fortunately I keep on learning that I don't have the right answers before events are happening these days and I don't need to judge before life continues for the rest of the day.


Recovery is amazing, to be included in life, rather than watching life and judging it good or bad or ugly. Being included and part of, not on the outside looking in, more likely on the inside finding out whatever the next steps might be. This would have gone completely against my outlook in past decades under the influence of old attitudes and behaviour, the old attitudes formed in a different era of my life.


It is really good to be inspired by the sharing, some call it experience strength and hope, most often it is the hard edge of living in the moment of now. How lucky are we to be part of the human race, by being more human than we ever were before?


Step Eleven Reading 12 & 12

Step Eleven Reading 12 & 12

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