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Alcoholics Anonymous September 18 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog Video September 18 2014


September 18 Video

September 18 Video


Thank you very much for all the best wishes for my mother, who is home and recuperating. And especially for those who commented about their losses and how important it was just to be there in some form or other. Learning about love and cherishing is something which is empowering, deeper emotional connections and understanding nature, humanity and the endless capacities we have to be a part of life. We never know until we get to that point of inclusion and deeper connection through experience of life, just how vulnerable and powerful it is to be human.


The endless saga regarding repairs and renovations to my home! The "mice" in my life I guess, which can hide the elephants trampling through my emotional and spiritual well-being. Repairs rendered to my kitchen, the outcome is to progress the options to a complete new kitchen according to the surveyor who attended a couple of days ago. He is thinking about what can be done with the wet room floor, version number five which now has pooling and uneven parts but no longer leaks into my neighbour downstairs. And he has recommended that my carpets are cleaned thoroughly following various wet room floor installations leaving some sort of bitumen on the carpet surface in recent times. I await the outcome. And of course it's getting colder, and the real mice will be back! Because when my abode was rewired, all the mouse proofing came out.


So the real elephants for me are the well-being of people I know and love and being there for them. Making sure I keep an eye on the mice, which could get in the way of facing each and every challenge we have in sobriety. Amends to self, no longer finding anger and resentment regarding the quality of work carried out to my abode and rolling with decisions which need to be made by other people. Just because I know the answers and the solutions, it makes no sense these days to offer them when other people have to make their own deliberations. And the quality of their deliberations can only get better through their own personal experience. I don't rule the world, and thankfully in my case, I'm grateful that step one has taught me so much about personal conduct beyond sobriety.


How am I feeling today? In myself quite happy, and I am hoping that family are alright. Simply to keep safe, be in contact with friends and go to one or two meetings today. I don't feel lonely, hungry, angry or tired. I feel content. And I also know this is not the case for everyone. Because that is how life is today, sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes ugly.


It could be Independence Day for Scotland, and who would blame them? The narrative from "career politicians" is self-serving and without real substance. I can hope for unity and at the same time realise that if I were a Scot, I would seriously consider independence worthy of consideration. And people forget that unity of 300 years was forged and built on monarchy. Real democracy has been downgraded by career politicians who put self-interest above unity, fairness and integrity. And political self-interest either side of the border is clouding the issues of self-determination, true democracy and enabling everyone to achieve their personal potential. And this political vote, it is not just for a generation, it is forever. Our political class are fickle, for their own self-importance and driven by personal agendas rather than democratic agendas. Bonkers either way based on the "political arguments", of the self-interested and self-absorbed career politicians. And there are no winners in the future? Who am I to judge, because if I do, I would be wrong?


Step nine Reading 12 & 12

Step nine Reading 12 & 12


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