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Alcoholics Anonymous Oct 17 DonInLondon Step 10 "Reality Check"

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog/Video Oct 17 DonInLondon Step 10 "Reality Check"

Step 10 "Reality Check"


October 17, 2013 Step Ten Month: "continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it." Preparation for some events is quite essential or we miss some of the ingredients, some of the details we need to share with other people. Although I forgot to include some of my medical history with the specialist at the hospital, I'm still booked in for a CT scan on Monday and a camera where the sun don't shine tomorrow. Overall a success in getting the right result.


Usually I go armed with all the information I need for particular medical events with the specialists who look after me. I made an assumption that the information had already been supplied by the GP, which was my mistake. Although it did not matter in the end, because the student and the Professor needed practice in the teaching arena, I could have done better. Forgive oneself, if we don't write things down, very easy to be forgetful.


Hospitals are very large, long corridors in between different departments, which made it difficult. So I need a rest, sharing need be minimal. I am always keen to be helpful when students need practice. And although the discussion of my bowel habits could have been one of those embarrassing things, by being open honest and willing, and even though the student was a beautiful young lady, concentrating on the medical situation is quite easy for me. Not so for her, new to the Department of intrusion. We can all make it easy by being able to share the truth, even when it feels like the last thing we want to do. I'm lucky, sharing the truth is a way of life today.


Expectations could be resentments under construction. And I just received a reply to a complaint I made about various repairs required to my abode by my landlord. Having had a surveyor round to inspect, inspection was perfunctory, indeed to the point of being completely useless. One would expect a surveyor to take notes, take account of all the repairs required and then schedule people to attend and do the repairs in a satisfactory order. This issue is not resolved. And in recovery, patience is a virtue, tolerance is a virtue and setting one's expectations to zero, means that I am not resentful at the present outcome, I merely accept the process is somewhat broken and it will take time to get a satisfactory result. I can influence to an extent, I do not have power over the surveyor or how he works, or does not work one day at a time. Forgive, forgive, and don't give up just yet.


Life is funny, the whole medical escapades going on; the difference between specialists who take notes, look you in the eye and ask questions in a holistic way is quite different to the GP glued to his computer screen and singular and not holistic in his diagnosis approach. So life is tedious sometimes, and although it is difficult, we do get to see lots of different people in the process, and with a kind and friendly outlook we get what we need in the end. The whole world is in a rush and sometimes because everything is rushed, we do need to be persistent and kindly.


For the next set of appointments I am going to construct a crib sheet with all the various medical issues. And even though people write things down, in the process of writing things down, they may get tunnel vision and miss critical connections between different parts of my medical situation. Part of getting older! And in this rush to conclusion by others who may get tunnel vision, a crib sheet with all the different elements will be helpful, because I can be very forgetful when getting stuck into the details of just one issue. Anyway just for today, medical staff on track, repairs to my abode not quite on track and I am grateful to have got this far. In the olden days, I might have been more forceful and provocative and combative. And likely that would be a waste of time and would have led to a poor outcome. Forgive, be persistent in a gentle manner one day at a time.


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