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Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video | May 15 2014 | DonInLondon |

Alcoholics Anonymous Blog & Video | May 15 2014 | DonInLondon

May 15 Video


Helping another person get perspective is really difficult, if I don't know what's right for me, I don't know what is right for you either. But we can take a good guess that some decisions are better made in a more even frame of mind when we are not hungry, angry, lonely or tired. And especially if we are grieving something we have lost, be it people, places or things.


Over 10 years ago, I liberated myself from a rehab, which caused me great pain. I was already in pain, the rehab was unflinching in making it worse. I don't hear these horror stories now, and I realise the immense pain I felt was always going to trip me up. But it is no good making a person's life more painful when they are at rock bottom. Truth is, if I had been so angry and stubborn, I would not have headed out to the nearest source for a drink. And the rehab did not have time to actually get to the process of rehabilitation. The good news is, during my stay, I got to AA meetings every day, and since then, no drinking for nearly 10 years.


It was a good day yesterday, my sister came to London to see a potential place to live, not all the time just part of the time. And we both saw a very nice tiny, very tiny place to rest one's head. My sister left London because of grief and loss of both people, career, places and things. Maybe this tiny flat is not that suitable for my sister, but still we had an agreeable day, and we had lunch close by in a place frequented by many an AA person. I had not been there for quite a number of years, and had forgotten how good beef burgers and fries were! My sister was more sensible, having a chicken salad which was enormous and too big. We only see how much we miss people, when we see them again, and some people we can never see again.


Life is never easy, we all have grief of one type or another, around people, places and things. The more grief we encounter, because we will if we keep on living, the more understandable, it can become if we understand what is going on. And the process of grief, if we loved dearly, is there for a lifetime. And eventually we cherish everything, no matter what. There is always good in everything providing we learn how to survive it.


Step Five Video 12 And 12

Step Five Video 12 And 12


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